Budget Gear (DIY)

Triggertrap Special but Tricky Discount

Triggertrap V1

You remember our review of the Triggertrap v1, remote (wired) trigger device for your Camera. From Today, Triggertrap team decided to put big 50% discount on device, but with one little sneaky ;) catch, each day price goes up by $1. So if you want to make photos similar or even better than ours, hurry, this is BEST price for ... Read More »

Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM “PANCAKE” Lens Review


When I first saw the pancake lens I was amazed of how small it is. It is the size and looks that had me wanting this lens. Of course, I shouldn’t forget to mention the price factor, because this lens is pretty cheap. You can get one for about $150. Specifications Focal Length & Maximum Aperture 40mm, 1:2.8 Lens Construction ... Read More »

Entry Level DSLR Cameras: Which One Should You Choose?

Entry Level DSLR cameras

Introduction: How, where and which Entry Level DSLR Camera should you pick? You would like to buy your first camera or secondary camera. There are so many options out there when you want to buy one, which really makes it hard deciding which one to get. That is where the need arises to take the help of experts in this ... Read More »

Genie – Motion Control Time Lapse Device

The Genie

Do you know what is time lapse ? I’m sure you heard about it, but if not, I suggest that at this moment you surf internet, google it or read on wiki about it here. We will cover this area on Canon5Dtips soon, but till then just check it out on internet.   The Genie, transforming time-lapse photography Have you ... Read More »

Building a DIY slider: advices

Slider wheels

Last week, I decided it was time for me to get back into my workshop and (finally) build a slider using my RigWheels. Right off the bat, I knew this was a prototype; the goal was to figure out the various pitfall of such a project so my next one would be perfect since I would have learned from my ... Read More »

DIY Alert: RigsWheels are on sale!

To all the DIYers out there, RigWheels is currently having a sale so it may be a good opportuinity to get a set of wheels for your slider. The rebate is around 15%. I have been playing with the RigWheels for a while now and my conclusion is simple: if you want to buildyour own slider BUT value your time, ... Read More »

Shoulder rig kit for about 200$

I receive a lot of email from people asking me which shoulder rig they should buy. My usual answers swing between the Shape WLB Sumo or a small Zacuto rigs, depending of the expected usage. The problem with these suggestions is they, while valid, are out of the budget for a lot of shooters (starving students, I am looking at ... Read More »



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