Faceoff: Canon 5D vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S4


Smartphone cameras are fast becoming the must-have devices for shutterbugs due the fact they can easily fit into your pocket. As the bigger and bulkier cameras are slowly taking a back seat, are smartphones reigning supreme? In this article, we’ll be comparing one of Canon’s most powerful cameras, the 5D Mark III against two of the best smartphones in the market today: the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and iPhone 5. Read More »

Shooting Car in Motion – Car photography

How to Shoot a Car in motion In “Shoot a Car Like a Pro – Car Photography” article, we talked about taking pictures of cars that are parked but cars do move ;), some of them really fast, so everybody loves to see them in action. In order to capture and evoke movement you need to approach it in a ... Read More »

Shoot a Car Like a Pro – Car Photography

How to shoot a car This topic can also be related to motorcycles, buses, trucks, any vehicle  – It doesn’t matter. But I’ll refer to it as car photography just to keep it simple. So you love cars or just like to take pictures of them? Considering you already have a camera, all you need is a decent car to ... Read More »

Model photography – Introduction: Chris Goddard


About Chris Goddard – Model Photographer My name is Chris Goddard and I’m a full time photographer based out of Portland, OR. I’ve been shooting for 2 years now but editing for around 5. Up until 2 years ago, I’d never taken pictures other than a point and shoot on a vacation. Ever since I picked up my first DSLR, ... Read More »

Site review: ZapLife

I have been contacted by Michael from ZapLife, he asked me to look at his site and give him some feedback. Seems like I am getting a request like this every week now. And I love it! While a few years ago everyone was trying to copy Flickr now each company has its own vision of what a photo sharing ... Read More »

Add layers in LightRoom!

When working with still images, I am a big layer user. And that is actually something that really annoyed me when using Aperture or Lightroom: both of these apps require an external editor to use layers. This basically means firing up Photoshop and working on huge TIFF files. Well, this is a problem of the past because On One Software ... Read More »



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