The Basics

When to upgrade your DSLR body

APS-C vs FF - 65 inches - 1.65 meters

When to upgrade your DSLR Gadget freaks and people that are generally more interested in technical side of photography, usually tend to buy better and more expensive equipment, but do they actually use that extra performance. We’ve tested it on 3 different DSLR cameras, with couple of lenses and same settings applied. Even if you are not tech-savvy but you ... Read More »

Take Sharper Photos by Preventing Camera Shake


There’s nothing more upsetting than aiming for a shot and spoiling it due to shaking the camera — especially if you only have one chance. If there’s nothing in a photo that is sharp, then everything is out of focus and this is enough proof that the image may have suffered the effects of camera shake. You may say, “Hold ... Read More »

The Rule of Thirds: Going beyond the ‘Dead Center’

Image Credit: Kroiz (Chuljae Lee), CC, via Flickr:

Three (3) — a number revered in the mystical arts, in sacred geometry and even in artistic creations. From the architectural constructs of the great pyramids of Egypt, to the structure of the solar system and yes even the human body, the number 3 has its place. It’s the basis on which arguably the most foundational artistic composition rule was ... Read More »

How to Eliminate Shadows from your Daytime Portraits

Using pop-up flash in the daytime.

When you take portraits on a bright and sunny day, you may notice that at times harsh shadows are cast on persons’ faces causing at times severe underexposure. Yet at the same time the background is well exposed. What is happening is that your camera has automatically adjusted its exposure settings for the background and not the foreground of which ... Read More »

How to create motion blur in your action photos

Taken using the Panning Technique.

Taking action photos can be exciting and can get your adrenaline pumping even when there is the element of danger for you as a photographer. Not something that’s recommended – stay out of harm’s way! But nothing beats the thrill of capturing the moment of a Batter hitting a ball, a soccer player performing a bicycle kick, an Evolution XI ... Read More »

How to set-up white balance on your D-SLR to take better photos


Many times we can look at a photograph and know intuitively that the colors are off.  You may not necessarily know exactly what’s wrong if you are new to this, but if you were able to compare that photo with an identical photo of correct color balance, then you may be able to explain why.  Another more commonly used term ... Read More »

Shoot a Car Like a Pro – Car Photography

How to shoot a car This topic can also be related to motorcycles, buses, trucks, any vehicle  – It doesn’t matter. But I’ll refer to it as car photography just to keep it simple. So you love cars or just like to take pictures of them? Considering you already have a camera, all you need is a decent car to ... Read More »



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