J-Rod – J-Cube

  The J-Cube What we love about the HDSLR world is how people come up with a very niche products to solve a specific problem then build a small business around it. If you’re into video making, you’re already familiar with all the additional appliances that need to be attached to your camera in some way. How to put a ... Read More »

New Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware release (2.1.2)

Recently Canon update Firmware Version to 2.1.2 The only thing that new firmware does is optimization of performance with UDMA Mode 7 CF cards (new CF cards released in February 2012 or later) You can download it here. Changes made in 2.1.1 version: 1. Fixes a phenomenon where shooting stops after capturing one image when in continuous shooting or the ... Read More »

Humanitarian with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II in his hands


Do what you love and help others We bring you a short story on a guy called Carlo Ricci. Carlo is Italian (you already figured that out) professional photographer who started his digital photography in Australia where he lived for 3 years. With his girlfriend/producer he decided to go on an adventure called ‘Long way up’ with ’86 VW van ... Read More »

Free FCPX plugin: ShrinkRay X

Want to create a convincing tilt-shift miniature effect for your video but don’t have the budget for a TS-E lens? Fear not, our friends at Crumple Pop have the solution: the ShrinkRay X plugin! Super easy to use, it gives a result as convincing as what you can get with post-production miniature effect. The big improvement over the old version ... Read More »

Who is FCPX target market?

It is us! While we read about pros complaining about FCPX all over the place, everything I have read (and personally tested) about FCPX pleases me. Call it Apple biggest mistake if you want but they built this app for people like us. People who shoot-edit-deliver all by ourselves. By simplifying the timeline and media management, they made it even ... Read More »

First wedding of the season

Last weekend, I shot my first wedding of the season with my friend Robert Cato (see below). This gig had me play with a few new pieces of gear, like using a monopod instead of a shoulder rig (more on this in the next post) but what I wanted to talk about is the newest genius idea Robert had: hiring ... Read More »

Zeiss quality on the cheap: Baby Primes!

Just receive this press release from about their new product. My career of digital cinematographer started long time ago (1983) and my first ambition was to have serious and creative optics on my analog video cameras. I convert so many lens to work with Betacam’s SP in tha way I was working before with my Bolexs and Arriflexs. My ... Read More »

Technicolor released the Color compatible LUT file

Thanks again to my friend Robert Cato for pointing to me that Technicolor has added an Apple Color compatible LUT file for their S-Curve LUT. It means you no longer have to use the LUT buddy plugin. It makes using Technicolor picture style even easier which adds another reason why you should be shooting with it! You can get the ... Read More »



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