Surprise of the Day: RRM MicroRemote

By now, you have probably seen the cool pictures, posted first on M. Laforet site but I am posting one of these again because it looks too cool. If you want to see more, you can take a look at Planet5D teaser post. Ahh… Maybe I should have asked them for sponsorship! So, it looks cool but what is it ... Read More »

From Still to Motion: book review

Things are moving fast here: I talked about the book two weeks ago, received my copy last week and just finished my first reading. Verdict: I am loving it! To put it simply: it covers almost everything! From shoot preparation, gear selection, editing, etc.. It gives a solid foundation to any photographers who wants to move to video. It is ... Read More »

From still to motion book: free chapter

PeachPit has a new book targeted at photographers who want to move into the video business. It is called, From Still to Motion. You can get the free chapter “Playing with the Light” here. Judging by the content of the sample chapter, it seems to be targeted more toward the pro / serious videographer but the lighting concepts hold true ... Read More »

New product from Apple at NAB?

Ok, I know my track record with rumors is not that great, but… Last week, I attended  a talk about Color at the Montreal Final Cut usergroup and, at the end, a rep from a third party reseller told us that he had been ask by Apple to schedule meetings after the NAB with his clients who have attended the ... Read More »

Going wide: Wide angle for the 5DMrkII

After reading Dan post (a while ago) about wide angle lenses  with wide aperture, it got me thinking. While I have been happy with my 17-40L4, as it is wide enough for pretty much everything I do, going wider would open the door for more creative shots. Ex: having an even better separation of foreground and background objects. Also, Dan ... Read More »

Canon Rebel T2i: 7D killer?

If there is one thing no one was expecting this week, it has to be the release of a new HDSLR camera. Yet, that is exactly what Canon did. The new Rebel T2i is, on paper, an incredible package priced ridiculously low. For the photographer 18mp on a 1.6x crop factor, I will have to see some real life sample ... Read More »

EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 official announvement

We talked about it earlier and now it is official. You can read the press release here. The interesting part is Canon talking about a 2x gain in speed for Prores 422 HQ transcoding compared to Compressor. Then again, if you are using MPEG Streamclip, the speed gain should be about the same. This last sentence sound a bit weird ... Read More »



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