DIY Igus slider part II: add a robot

This project might not be for everyone but if you are like me and have trouble keeping the sliding motion at a constant speed, here is a solution: automate it! Martin Koch had the same issue has me and solved it the geek way: by using an Arduino and a stepping motor.The detailed explanation can be found on his blog. While the given version is too weak to carry an HDSLR, you just have to upgrade the stepping motor and you will be set.

You can see the results in some sequences of this clip.

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  • Robert Schultz

    Is the Igus slider difficult to keep at a consistent speed?

    (The second link, “detailed explanation” doesn’t work)

  • admin

    Fixed the link. WordPress bug…

    How hard it is to keep a constant speed? Well, it depends of own steady YOU can be. The friction is very low so any variation of speed would be caused by the user and not the track.

    I am working on a full tutorial post about how to use it with tips and tricks. Coming soon!

  • Robert Schultz

    Great. Thanks for the fix.

    I greatly look forward to your full tutorial!

  • Stefan

    Hello guys,
    that’s a great video and a nice application, using the DryLin W linear guides. We are the producer of these rails and like to see how it works. One more information: You can get the rails also without mounting holes. Art.-No.: “WS-10-80 UNGEBOHRT” …. Sorry, “ungebohrt” is german and means not machined.
    Greetings from cologne, Stefan

  • Peter Miranda

    Just made my first DIY zaza Slider,
    Cant believe how easy it was to make…
    cant believe how good the results are.

    If you need a contact in the UK, hers the info:
    Andrew baker.
    (tell him I sent you, taht way he knows what you want to make)
    igus UK Ltd
    51A Caswell Road
    Brackmills Industrial Estate
    NN4 7PW

    Tel: 01604 677240
    Fax: 01604 677245

    Sorry for the plug Boss…
    PS; Im suprised you havent made one yet?



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