Very cool stop motion of a 5DMrkII Rig

Lance just sent me this video.

That is one nice rig and the video clearly shows all of its components. Lance managed to do something I have not done yet: have a rig made out of parts from various manufacturer that does not look like a Christmas tree! Good job.

The only thing missing would be a cool soundtrack.

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  • Jai

    Hi there, is possible , could you ask ask Lance for a breakdown list … and from where he got the ( shoulder rig ) individual parts from.
    Thank you

  • Phillip Gibb

    very well done :)

  • Chad

    Is there a list of all those components? I looked on his site and couldn’t find it.

  • admin

    I asked for a detailed list. It is coming, with a surprise too ;-)

  • admin

    You can get the part list here and look at my rigs too ;-)