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Will Canon Announce 70D on April 23, 2013?


Couple of sites talk about Canon and their press events on Tuesday April 23, 2013. While there are no specifics announced so far, we guess that it will have DIGIC 6 processor with 18MP CMOS sensor same as Canon Rebel T5i or Canon EOS Rebel SL1. New 70D should replace 2.5 years old Canon EOS 60D. Sources: Canonrumors Photographybay Stay ... Read More »

How to record a video with Canon 5D Mark II

6th Menu to the right

Introduction With 5D Mark III already established on the market, an ‘old’ camera, Canon EOS 5D Mark II became one of the most popular and affordable ones and thus more interesting to wider audience. An excellent camera with superb video capabilities and a pioneer when it comes to dslr videography. But when I first tried to shoot video, I must ... Read More »

Triggertrap v1 – High Speed Photography Trigger

Bottle Break - Laser - Flash

What is Triggertrap v1? In the last article, we reviewed the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle. While the Dongle is an amazing and handy gadget, which is easy to carry around, there are other triggers available that are more advanced. Triggertrap v1 is one of those trigger systems and we received one to test it. Triggertrap v1 or ttv1 is a device that can trigger ... Read More »

New Canon Mini D-SLR?

Rumor has it that Canon, Inc. is working on a new D-SLR that will be the smallest and lightest yet. Based on breaking news from CanonWatch, the “super-small D-SLR” will be a cross between the EOS M and the EOS 650D. The alleged features include an 18 megapixel sensor, DIGIC 5 image processor, touchscreen, 9 focusing points, new hybrid CMOS auto-focus, ... Read More »

Using Exposure Compensation to Correct Camera Metering Issues

spot metering

Your camera has its own internal metering device that receives information Through The Lens (TTL). Its method of processing information is based on the metering mode that you choose. Four popular metering modes include: spot metering, center-weighted metering, partial metering and evaluative (matrix) metering. Each mode takes an average reading across a certain area of the scene, however evaluative metering ... Read More »

Take Sharper Photos by Preventing Camera Shake


There’s nothing more upsetting than aiming for a shot and spoiling it due to shaking the camera — especially if you only have one chance. If there’s nothing in a photo that is sharp, then everything is out of focus and this is enough proof that the image may have suffered the effects of camera shake. You may say, “Hold ... Read More »



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