New project phase 1: get parts

Came back from the electronic store yesterday and got these parts. Anyone guessing what I am working on?

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Photography allows me to be what I want to be, to be where I want to be, and to do what I want to do ... I'm not professional photographer and I don't need a title, I love to take photographs and that is what I do, I love to learn and I always try to do it better ...
  • Roey Yadgar

    Electronic Slider!!

  • david

    A Dolly?

  • R. Kneschke

    Looks like a sound system so you can hear music while taking pictures… ;-)

  • thomas

    maybe you work on an electric followfocus? ;-)

  • thomas

    is it an automatic pan-tool? Hmm…

  • Nej

    Gyro stabilisation? ^^ Curious to see how effective a DIY version could be!

  • Martin

    I’m guessing it’s a motorised panning rig.

  • Tom Daigon

    A bomb ;-)

  • Peter Miranda

    I think its for your za za slider, dolly..

  • Christoph

    Maybe an adaption of this?

    Just kidding,.. :-) Let us know!

  • Michael Holtzman

    I would say it looks like an electronic turntable of sorts. Mount the camera to it then you can electronically spin the camera.

  • Christophe Glaudel

    I would say it looks like a Pusher to Zoom !



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