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New Products released by Red Rock Micro

This is right off the press, Red Rock Micro updated their offering for DSLR Rigs. In fact, it is such a scoop that they have not updated their website yet! Here is the press release: Hollywood, CA  (September 17, 2009) — Redrock Micro, the leading provider of cinema accessories for digital filmmakers, today announced a wide range of new accessories to ... Read More »

D-Focus follow focus improvements

As you all know from my previous reviews, I am a big fan of the D-focus follow focus system. It is priced cheap enough to make even Indian stuff seem expensive while doing a decent job. While following Dave on Twitter I noticed his tweet about every new D-Focus coming in black with an accessory port to plug a crank ... Read More »

New DFocus Follow Focus

In case you were thinking about buying a DFocus follow focus for your 5DMrkII, you might want to wait a few more days. I am not saying this because of any quality issue with the product (you all know that I love it) but because of a teaser picture Dave posted on Twitter. This new product is called the DFocus ... Read More »

Zacuto releases a super portable rig

Zacuto announced a very minimal rig system today: the DSLR Gorilla kits. The idea is simple: staying as light and compact as possible. This is, of course, in direct reaction to the line of light weight rig from Red Rock Micro. Who said that competition is not good? Personally, I think removing the follow focus is a good idea. I ... Read More »

Got a reply from On One software about the DSLR Remote

I received a reply from Mike Wong @ On One regarding my review of the DSLR Remote iPhone application. Mike had the generosity to go over each element I outlined in the wish list and to give us a glimpse of what is coming in the 1.1 update. So here is the relevant part of the email (with my comments). ... Read More »

iPhone DSLR Remote for your 5DMrkII available now!

We talked about it a few days ago and now On one software just announced that DSLR Remote is now available for purchase on the iTune store. It is available in two format: lite (2$) or pro (10$ now, 20$ regular price). I did not even take the time to read the differences between the two and picked the pro ... Read More »

My under 350$ video rig (video)


Edit: If you are interested in the cheapest possible shoulder rig, you should check this post for a kit that goes under 200$. I talked about my rig a while ago and never had time to (1) show it to you guys (2) write a proper review of the follow focus. So in this first post I am going to ... Read More »



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