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Photoshop vs Lightroom vs Freeware

Paint.NET environment

“Should I use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom” Photography enthusiasts will consider this question at least once in their lives. A tough question, one that will differ from person to person based on a variety of factors such as: Skill level How they want to edit the photos The number of photos to be edited Preference Both Photoshop and Lightroom ... Read More »

Get Aperture on the AppStore for 80$!

In case you did not know, the Apple App Store is now available (need to update OSX first) and there are some great deals! The best of these, from what I have found so far, is Aperture for only 80$! While I am now a converted LightRoom user, I can tell you one thing: at this price point Aperture is ... Read More »

Going wide: Wide angle for the 5DMrkII

After reading Dan post (a while ago) about wide angle lenses  with wide aperture, it got me thinking. While I have been happy with my 17-40L4, as it is wide enough for pretty much everything I do, going wider would open the door for more creative shots. Ex: having an even better separation of foreground and background objects. Also, Dan ... Read More »

News, rumors and updates

News from BeachTek First, got this email from BeachTek: To everyone waiting for the new DXA-5Da XLR adapter for DSLR cameras, they have now shipped ahead of schedule to both B&H and Adorama. The first shipment is in very limited quantities but we are expecting the next, much larger batch to arrive before the end of March.  The new DXA-SLR ... Read More »

Aperture 3

Finally out! It was about time. I will not list all the new features (over 200), if that is the kind of stuff you like reading about, head over the official Apple page. Instead, I will list the features that mean the most for us. First, facial recognition. I already talked about it in my Aperture 3 prediction about 8 ... Read More »

Aperture 3 features Wish List

Now that Final Cut Studio 3 is out, lets talk (and guess) about what we will find in the upcoming Aperture update. I have been an Aperture user since day 1. In version 1, is was revolutionary but slow. V1.5 brought a nice speed boost and V2 introduced a few new tools and the plugin architecture. So what should we ... Read More »

How meta tagging could be improved in Aperture 3

I dont know if you tag, but I do. I try to do it a lot and sometimes it makes me think that the guys at Apple dont use the tagging interface at all… First, as I said in the past, when you open the Keyword HUD, the cursor should be in the search field. And the current content should ... Read More »

iPhoto09: the vanguard of automatic meta-tagging

No, this is not a review of iLife ’09, or iPhoto. There are already plenty out there.  Instead I want you, me, us, to think about how that face detection thing can change the way we work. I played with it a bit and while it is not perfect (according to iPhoto my girl friend looks like a guy as ... Read More »



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