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Adobe Premiere rebate: from rumor to reality

Seems like, for once, I got a good source for my rumors! As I talked you about 2 days ago, Adobe went into fifth gear in its assault on FCPX today with the launch of their marketing campaign by putting the focus on the pro market. Will it work? I pretty sure it will! The deal is excellent since you ... Read More »

Next version of FCP supposed to be great (?)

As it is in fashion these days, when you have an issue with an Apple product, you just have to send an email to Steve and wait for a one liner reply. That is what Dustyn Gobler did. You can read its content here. Basically, he is asking Apple to give us more visibility on the pro apps road map. ... Read More »

Aperture 3

Finally out! It was about time. I will not list all the new features (over 200), if that is the kind of stuff you like reading about, head over the official Apple page. Instead, I will list the features that mean the most for us. First, facial recognition. I already talked about it in my Aperture 3 prediction about 8 ... Read More »

iPhone App: The Best Camera

I have always been a big fan of Chase Jarvis. The guy has style, shoot cool things (like Ninjas!) and is really engaged with the community. So, as soon as I read about him releasing an iPhone app I knew it would be something cool and different. Basically, it replaces your ‘normal’ camera with a twist. Actually, two twists! First ... Read More »

Yes, I know. Final Cut Studio 3 is out…

… and there are no mentions of H.264 real time editing. Actually, the whole update took me off guard. I was expecting it to come after Snow Leopard and be optimized to use Open CL so they could show some insane benchmarks. Seems like I was wrong again. Nevertheless, I still believe real time editing of H.264 in FCS will ... Read More »



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