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eBook Review: DIY Home Studio Photography

As most photographer will tell you, if you want to take good portraits, dont invest in lenses, invest in lights! The proof is, even with a crappy iPhone camera, it is possible to get pro level pictures if you get awesome lights (proof). The thing is, getting a good set of lights is not cheap, especially when you realize how ... Read More »

A Contest: Win DSLR Cinema book!

It seems like I have too many books in my library so I decided to start a small contest to give them away. The Price The first price I will be giving away is the very good DSLR Cinema book (review). How to enter There are two ways to win: Either join the HDSLR mailing list by entering your email ... Read More »

Book Review: Photo Nuts and Shots

NOTICE: there is currently a 25% rebate going on until the end of the week. So if you are interested, get it now! Promotion is over, sorry! Photo Nuts and Shots is a how-to guide for the novice photographer who would like to learn more about taking better pictures. I have received a few emails from people asking me to ... Read More »

Book review: DSLR Cinema

I have been reading the DSLR Cinema book for about a week now and I think it is now time to write something about it. The short version For those who do not want to read the whole review: this is the best book/training material about HDSLR video I have seen so far. Get it! The long version What I ... Read More »

From still to motion book: free chapter

PeachPit has a new book targeted at photographers who want to move into the video business. It is called, From Still to Motion. You can get the free chapter “Playing with the Light” here. Judging by the content of the sample chapter, it seems to be targeted more toward the pro / serious videographer but the lighting concepts hold true ... Read More »

Book Review: Master Shots

I love books, I own a lot of them. On top of being educational and entertaining, they are a great decoration element in my loft and make me look smart when people visit my place. And yes, my books are grouped by colors. It took a while to get used to it, but it is all about the look… From ... Read More »

Book review: The Photographer’s Eye

With the redesign of the blog, I decided to put more emphasis the books I read to learn about photography, video and imaging. To prove that I actually own these books, I have taken a picture of each one, and there are a few more on the way too!  One of my favorite of the stack is The Photographer’s Eye. ... Read More »



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