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Building a DIY slider: advices

Slider wheels

Last week, I decided it was time for me to get back into my workshop and (finally) build a slider using my RigWheels. Right off the bat, I knew this was a prototype; the goal was to figure out the various pitfall of such a project so my next one would be perfect since I would have learned from my ... Read More »

DIY Alert: RigsWheels are on sale!

To all the DIYers out there, RigWheels is currently having a sale so it may be a good opportuinity to get a set of wheels for your slider. The rebate is around 15%. I have been playing with the RigWheels for a while now and my conclusion is simple: if you want to buildyour own slider BUT value your time, ... Read More »

Almost DIY Ring Flash

My friend Udi from DIY Photography announced today something he has been hinting me about for a while: a DIY Ring Flash where the only thing you have to do is assemble & glue the various parts. No need to look for the perfect components at the store. Udi did the job for you! If you have ever tried to ... Read More »

Can you really get the RigWheel cheaper over the net?

I just received this email from Lance (RigWheel owner) in reply to J.R. Tabotier about places to get cheaper wheels for your rig. I think it is worth sharing this with your guys because too often people diminish the amount of work, testing & research that goes into developing rig part. I know because I have been there. This is ... Read More »

RigWheels – the missing part for your DIY Slider project

I just received this video from Lance, one of our reader. Aren’t these cools? And you want to know the best part? They are actually quite affordable! At 115$ for a set for 4 wheels, they are within the budget of pretty much all videographers. Here is a sample footage clip. Slider based on wheels are better than those on ... Read More »

DSLR Cinema book contest winner & new contest!

The month is over (I am actually late by a day!) and the contest winner has been picked (will put name once I have his authorization). The contest was such a success that I decided to repeat the experience for the month of March. This time with a new prize. The Prize I will be giving away is the very ... Read More »

eBook Review: DIY Home Studio Photography

As most photographer will tell you, if you want to take good portraits, dont invest in lenses, invest in lights! The proof is, even with a crappy iPhone camera, it is possible to get pro level pictures if you get awesome lights (proof). The thing is, getting a good set of lights is not cheap, especially when you realize how ... Read More »

OSCT bracket [EXCLUSIVE] Pre-order now and save!

I am very happy to announce that I am ready to take pre-orders for the OSCT! What is it? It is a L shapped bracket that you insert between the camera and the camera plate. You can then attach a cable trigger to the camera to press the SET button to start/stop video recording. This is mostly useful when working ... Read More »



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