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Add layers in LightRoom!

When working with still images, I am a big layer user. And that is actually something that really annoyed me when using Aperture or Lightroom: both of these apps require an external editor to use layers. This basically means firing up Photoshop and working on huge TIFF files. Well, this is a problem of the past because On One Software ... Read More »

40% rebate on Capture One 5 Pro

To most photographers, there are only two ‘serious’ apps to manage and process RAW pictures: Apple Aperture and Adobe LightRoom. Let me present you a third option: Capture One. While not as popular as the two others, yet it is the one used by most high-end commercial/fashion/portrait photographers. Why? It has incredible color management tools. It is truly leagues ahead ... Read More »

Killing your baby

No, I am not planning to kill my cute baby girl Victoria, I am quoting Stu in his book “The DV Rebel Guide” (if I remember correctly, lost the bock when I moved). What he means is that once you give away your footage for someone else to edit, they are going to do everything but what you originally had ... Read More »

Aperture 3

Finally out! It was about time. I will not list all the new features (over 200), if that is the kind of stuff you like reading about, head over the official Apple page. Instead, I will list the features that mean the most for us. First, facial recognition. I already talked about it in my Aperture 3 prediction about 8 ... Read More »



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