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3D vs 5DMrkII exposure (explanation)

I knew when I made the previous post that I had done something stupid. I double checked everything, made sure every setting was as I expected, etc… Still, there was something at the back of my head telling me that I should not made this public because it would hit me back straight in the face Well, 15 minutes after ... Read More »

5DMrkII vs D3 exposure differences?

Edit: I was stupid! Explanation here. Last week I went shooting with my friend Christopher who is a D3 owner. It was more of a scouting trip, to find nice locations in downtown Montreal ,for future shoot than anything else. To make a long story short, we ended up doing some tests/comparison between our two cameras. Frustratingly enough, Chris managed ... Read More »

Should you get a manual focusing lens?

You must have noticed by now that a lot of cinephotographers are using old Nikon or Zeiss lenses with their 5DMrkII. These lenses allow their owner to set the aperture directly on the lens, removing one of the variable of the automatic exposure control in video mode. I must admit that I was about to get one of these. They ... Read More »

False Manual Video control advertisement from Canon?

Hudson, from the cinema5D forum made an interesting discovery while reading the Canon 5DMrkII white paper (yep, some people really read these things). Look at page 14 the in the middle of the page you will see this: If you read the whole thread you will see that they have tried to contact Canon to have some explanations. Canon reply ... Read More »

Exposure control videos from Bruce Dorn

Bruce released 3 very informative video on his website about how you can control the exposure of the Canon 5DMarkII using neutral density filters. The principle is simple: if there is too much light, the camera will close the aperture, which in turn will increase the depth of field. The solution is to use the filters to reduce the amount ... Read More »



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