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Canon EOS 7D firmware version 2.0.X upgrade


Canon USA, Inc. has announced a firmware update for the Canon EOS 7D that improves functionality and increases flexibility of use. Updated features from this firmware upgrade offers: a faster burst rate, more in-camera post processing features, better photo sorting options, more ISO settings and greater control of audio settings. Faster burst rate and in-camera post processing Shooting in RAW ... Read More »

New Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware release (2.1.2)

Recently Canon update Firmware Version to 2.1.2 The only thing that new firmware does is optimization of performance with UDMA Mode 7 CF cards (new CF cards released in February 2012 or later) You can download it here. Changes made in 2.1.1 version: 1. Fixes a phenomenon where shooting stops after capturing one image when in continuous shooting or the ... Read More »

New Canon 5DMrkII firmware: nothing new

Canon Asia just released a new firmware update for the 5DMrkII. According to the documentation it does not do much: Firmware Version 2.0.9 incorporates the following improvements and fixes. 1. Improves writing/reading speeds when using UDMA 7-compatible CF cards. 2. Fixes a phenomenon where the IS function will not work when custom function C.Fn III-2 is set to [5: IS ... Read More »

April fools warning: 5DMrkII will not shoot RAW

M. Bloom is a funny guy and what I find even funnier is to see that some people fell for it. I have to admit, for the first few lines of the article I was thinking ‘wow, cool!’, then my reality check said ‘wait a minute’ and as I went  down the post, it was clearly a joke. My favorite ... Read More »

24p for everyone!

It is now official. The soon to be released firmware update will give us 24p/25p, live histogram, some better audio and that is about it. Sure it is great, but I guess I am not the only one who was hoping for more (as in 60p@720). Still, I am an happy camper. On top of having a more film like ... Read More »

Canon 5D firmware update almost confirmed

Canon rumors has a picture from a presentation where we can see the list of features which will be added with the next firmware in March. The features are: Manual sound recording level & meters Histogram display when shooting in manual mode AV and TV mode for shooting video Increased audio sampling rate to 48k. 24/25 fps at 1080p. So ... Read More »

Getting 4:4:4 video from the HDMI output of a 7D

I while ago I came across Syndicate 7D tool but for some obscure reason, it did not catch my attention. Now in this article (twittered by Dan), we have more details about how the software works. Maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself here. Lets start from the beginning. What is 4:4:4? 4:4:4 is a video encoding format ... Read More »

EOS 5D Mark II Firmware Update Version 1.2.4

Unless you have a WFT-E4 or are into long repetitive bulb exposures, this update does not change anything for you. It would have been a nice present from Canon to give us the 24p before the holidays, but I guess they are really going to stick to their schedule of 2010 (probably after the 1DMrkIV is out too). You can ... Read More »



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