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Jag35 EFF vs Okii USB Follow Focus controller

Since the announcement/release of the USB Follow Focus, a few people asked me my opinion on how it would compare to the Jag35 Electronic Follow Focus. Unfortunately, I have not played with the USD FF yet so all my comments are based on what I saw in the published material and their website. The Okii USB controller Usability Easy to ... Read More »

Review: Jag35 Electronic Remote Follow Focus system

Finally! I have had some time to experiment with my latest gadget: the Jag35 Electronic Remote Follow Focus. I have not done any paying gigs with it yet, only tests but here are some of my initial impressions. Pros It is more precise than what I expected. I never had an issue to get critical focus. All you need is ... Read More »

Surprise of the Day: RRM MicroRemote

By now, you have probably seen the cool pictures, posted first on M. Laforet site but I am posting one of these again because it looks too cool. If you want to see more, you can take a look at Planet5D teaser post. Ahh… Maybe I should have asked them for sponsorship! So, it looks cool but what is it ... Read More »

We have a sponsor: D|Focus !

About a month ago, I made the decision to put some advertisement on the site. While I do not want the site to become bloated with ads, it is nice to get some money to pay the various expenses related to the blog. Trust me, there are more than you can think of! This being said, I am happy to ... Read More »

D-Focus follow focus improvements

As you all know from my previous reviews, I am a big fan of the D-focus follow focus system. It is priced cheap enough to make even Indian stuff seem expensive while doing a decent job. While following Dave on Twitter I noticed his tweet about every new D-Focus coming in black with an accessory port to plug a crank ... Read More »



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