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Tips of the day

I was reviewing the clips we shot yesterday and found this horror. Look at Meggie left eye in this clip. What do you see? Me! It might not be that noticeable at lower resolution, but when viewed full screen in HD, it is very annoying. At least to me… While it is sometimes impossible to get out of the reflection ... Read More »

I present you: The Macrosaurus Rex

What happen when 3 Kenko extention tubes meet with a Sigma 1.4x teleconverter and a Canon 100 Macro lens? They merge together to create the Macrosaurus Rex! First, let me say this little project had no particular goal in mind other than seeing what the end result would be. As you can see in the video below, adding so many ... Read More »

Funny video about Canon 7D vs 5D MarkII

This has to be the best spoof I have ever seen. It sums up pretty well the feeling of some 5D owners… You can order a 7d here and 5D here if you want to support this site. If so, thank you! Made by M. Bloom based on the clip from the movie The Downfall. This is an excellent movie ... Read More »

I had to use a D3 yesterday…

Worked on a wedding yesterday. When it was time to do the ring shots, the DJ was blasting his tunes and there was too much vibrations for a sharp shot, even with a tripod. Solution? Weight it down! The D3 is so heavy that it managed to cancel most of the vibration and we got our shot. So, yes, I ... Read More »

Remote trigger give away contest!

Now that I have reliable triggers (read: PocketWizard PLUS II) I am ready to get rid of my old and unreliable eBay Cactus Remote V2. I was about to throw them in the garbage when I had the idea that they may be useful to someone. When I told the idea to my girlfriend her first reaction was: “You keep ... Read More »



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