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Review: Polaroid Battery grip


Since I used to use my 5DMrkII mostly to shoot video or take architectural pictures, I did not feel like I needed to buy a battery grip. Especially since the one sold by Canon has a prohibitive price. But now that I have resumed shooting stills in a semi-serious way and most of my shots are portraits, I decided I ... Read More »

Selling (or trading) some stuff (400L & Zacuto rig)

I need retool for my summer gigs so I decided to sell some of my stuff. First on the list is my Zacuto Striker kit. You can see pictures on RigsEnvy, note that I am only selling the Striker, not the rest! I may throw in a Z-Finder (first version) too if you are interested.  Price: 750$. This is mostly ... Read More »

RigWheels – the missing part for your DIY Slider project

I just received this video from Lance, one of our reader. Aren’t these cools? And you want to know the best part? They are actually quite affordable! At 115$ for a set for 4 wheels, they are within the budget of pretty much all videographers. Here is a sample footage clip. Slider based on wheels are better than those on ... Read More »

Introducing RigsEnvy.com!

After a small delay, here comes my first release for 2011: RigsEnvy! What is it? RigsEnvy is like Flickr but it replaces dogs and flowers pictures with HDSLR rigs. I wanted to create a microsite for HDSLR users to showcase and talk about their rigs. The site is still in beta, but I invite you to check it out now ... Read More »

Jag35 EFF vs Okii USB Follow Focus controller

Since the announcement/release of the USB Follow Focus, a few people asked me my opinion on how it would compare to the Jag35 Electronic Follow Focus. Unfortunately, I have not played with the USD FF yet so all my comments are based on what I saw in the published material and their website. The Okii USB controller Usability Easy to ... Read More »

Very cool stop motion of a 5DMrkII Rig

Lance just sent me this video. That is one nice rig and the video clearly shows all of its components. Lance managed to do something I have not done yet: have a rig made out of parts from various manufacturer that does not look like a Christmas tree! Good job. The only thing missing would be a cool soundtrack. Read More »

Review: Jag35 Electronic Remote Follow Focus system

Finally! I have had some time to experiment with my latest gadget: the Jag35 Electronic Remote Follow Focus. I have not done any paying gigs with it yet, only tests but here are some of my initial impressions. Pros It is more precise than what I expected. I never had an issue to get critical focus. All you need is ... Read More »

Very cool timelapse from NY

I love timelapse and when they are coupled with good cinematography, they are even better. Here is a great one from New York I just stumbled upon (as in I click on every single Vimeo clip I see with nice poster frame). I was really intrigued by the smooth transition between day and night. Looking at the comments on the ... Read More »



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