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Best 5 Photography Applications for iPhone/iPad


Here is our list of cool photo applications for iphone or ipad that we think you may consider if you’re into iphone photography or just like to add some style to your everyday pictures. Some of them are free so you can test them right away. Instagram With over 15 million users worldwide, Instagram is one of the most popular ... Read More »

Review: DSLRBot (camera to iOS trigger interface)

Disclaimer: Alberto contacted me two weeks ago to place some ads on the site. According to my advertisement policy, before accepting to put the ads on the site, I have to test the product so he sent me the IR cable for free (but I had to buy the app on the iTunes Store). Anyone who ever tried to do ... Read More »

5DMrkII + iPad = ?

The conference was not over this afternoon and I had already received a few emails and SMS from friends telling me how great of an external screen the iPad could be. And now even Philip Bloom  talks about it. I am currently downloading the iPhone SDK3.2 to investigate the possibility but if it is doable,  I am not the one ... Read More »

iPhone App: The Best Camera

I have always been a big fan of Chase Jarvis. The guy has style, shoot cool things (like Ninjas!) and is really engaged with the community. So, as soon as I read about him releasing an iPhone app I knew it would be something cool and different. Basically, it replaces your ‘normal’ camera with a twist. Actually, two twists! First ... Read More »

Got a reply from On One software about the DSLR Remote

I received a reply from Mike Wong @ On One regarding my review of the DSLR Remote iPhone application. Mike had the generosity to go over each element I outlined in the wish list and to give us a glimpse of what is coming in the 1.1 update. So here is the relevant part of the email (with my comments). ... Read More »

DSLR Remote review with a Canon 5D Mark II

As stated a few days ago, I bought the DSLR Remote on the day of release, picking the Pro version. For a 8$ difference, I don’t understand how someone could go with the lower-end alternative. Installation & Setup On One Software really did a great job to make the setup process as easy as it could be. Basically, all you ... Read More »

iPhone DSLR Remote for your 5DMrkII available now!

We talked about it a few days ago and now On one software just announced that DSLR Remote is now available for purchase on the iTune store. It is available in two format: lite (2$) or pro (10$ now, 20$ regular price). I did not even take the time to read the differences between the two and picked the pro ... Read More »

iPhone wireless remote for 5DMrkII soon available

Old readers of the blog will remember that about two months ago I made post about my wish for someone to develop an iPhone app that would link to the Canon EOS utility and allow remote shooting via the iPhone. Well, it seems like someone did it! On One Software are my new best friends! While the application does not ... Read More »



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