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PocketWizard Plus III Transciever – More for less

PocketWizard Plus III Transciever We all love Pocket Wizards as they are reliable, and easy-to-use. Pocket Wizards are one of the first choices when it comes to solution for remote flash and camera triggering. The Plus III Transceiver as the MultiMAX features an impressive 32 channels.  Whether you’re a wedding or sports shooter or working in a busy studio, finding ... Read More »

Pocket Wizard follow up

Quick update: the Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 have been replaced with Pocket Wizard PLUS II and I could not be happier. I kept the MiniTT1 to mount on the camera since it is much smaller than the Plus II and this combo works perfectly. Warning: Because the MiniTT1 only has the choice of 2 channels while the Plus II has 4, ... Read More »

Pocket Wizards FlexTT5 & MiniTT1 first impressions

This is the fourth time I am writing this post and it is going to be the last. Between the time I received the Pocket Wizards, did some test in my kitchen and finally tried them out in the open, my perception of the product changed drastically. To make it short, the ETTL Pocket Wizards are going back to the ... Read More »



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