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From Canon EOS 5D ’till Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon Inc.’s introduction of the EOS 5D in 2005 truly met its marketing claims of giving a revolutionary digital camera experience. This full frame DSLR sought to gain a market share among photo hobbyists, and with the subsequent releases of the Mark II and III models, it certainly has. Looking at all three versions of the Canon EOS 5D, it ... Read More »

Review: Polaroid Battery grip


Since I used to use my 5DMrkII mostly to shoot video or take architectural pictures, I did not feel like I needed to buy a battery grip. Especially since the one sold by Canon has a prohibitive price. But now that I have resumed shooting stills in a semi-serious way and most of my shots are portraits, I decided I ... Read More »

When the minimalistic approach yields big results

We talk a lot about gear on this blog: tripods, rigs, lens, follow focus, etc… We take for granted that you need all of these to create anything that looks remotely professional. After all, if you dont have a super stable and sharp image, your end product can’t be good. Well, Greg Watermann proves us wrong. Look at his coverage ... Read More »

IndiSLIDER Mini Review

This is a post from our contributor Jeremy. Regarding my slider, well.. I am still working on it. Getting my electronic slider working has to be my longest project ever! Stay tuned! I have recently purchased an IndiSYSTEM – IndiSLIDER Mini and as much as I want to say I am in seventh heaven with the thing, it has its ... Read More »

Review: DSLRBot (camera to iOS trigger interface)

Disclaimer: Alberto contacted me two weeks ago to place some ads on the site. According to my advertisement policy, before accepting to put the ads on the site, I have to test the product so he sent me the IR cable for free (but I had to buy the app on the iTunes Store). Anyone who ever tried to do ... Read More »

iMovie 11 review

iMovie is one of these apps may proish shooter dont want to touch, yet could benefit a lot from. I know because I used to be in this category. iMovie felt too amateurish compared to FCP for me to even dare to use it. At each iLife release, I would give it a shot but never managed to complete a ... Read More »

Shape WLB Composite Review (HDSLR Rig)

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure to shoot a movie for a friend (more on this in another post). Since we were shooting for the Kino Kabaret (kind of a film festival), we had access to a lot of sponsored gear which is how I managed to put my hands on the  Shape WLB Composite. I already talked about the ... Read More »

RRM follow up

Just a quick follow up on my post about the new Red Rock Micro Nano Rigs announcement. I receive an email from Brian, and he is not too happy about my comments on the announcement. Well, I would not be either if I was in the RRM gang. I wont go into the details of the email exchange (dont worry, ... Read More »



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