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Can you really get the RigWheel cheaper over the net?

I just received this email from Lance (RigWheel owner) in reply to J.R. Tabotier about places to get cheaper wheels for your rig. I think it is worth sharing this with your guys because too often people diminish the amount of work, testing & research that goes into developing rig part. I know because I have been there. This is ... Read More »

Very cool stop motion of a 5DMrkII Rig

Lance just sent me this video. That is one nice rig and the video clearly shows all of its components. Lance managed to do something I have not done yet: have a rig made out of parts from various manufacturer that does not look like a Christmas tree! Good job. The only thing missing would be a cool soundtrack. Read More »

The cost of creating Rig parts

This post is a reaction to SBG comment about my budget rig article. SBG said : $1500 pretty much only gets you a rig – definitely not a rig AND a quality lens. The pricing of shoulder rigs and accessories is laughable. $107 for a straight grip?? Over $1000 for a matte box? puh-leese! I am sure a lot of ... Read More »

Shape WLB Composite Review (HDSLR Rig)

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure to shoot a movie for a friend (more on this in another post). Since we were shooting for the Kino Kabaret (kind of a film festival), we had access to a lot of sponsored gear which is how I managed to put my hands on the  Shape WLB Composite. I already talked about the ... Read More »

ShapeWLB Sumo II review

I guess that most of you guys never heard of ShapeWLB. They are a small Canadian company that builds rigs mostly for pro video camera and are now entering the HDSLR market. They rigs are stable, functional and very affordable. They offer various models but the one that interest us the most is the Sumo II (pro or not). Read More »

DFocus DSLR mount = follow focus without rails!

D-Focus came up yesterday with a new innovative product: it is a camera plate with an adjustable arm to install a follow focus. Dave calls it the DFocus DSLR mount. This is a genius idea! This little gadget allows you to use a follow focus with small rigs like the Zacuto Gorilla series without upsetting too much the rig center ... Read More »

Zacuto Gorilla DSLR kits reviews (part 2.1: Rapid Fire)

In this second part of the review, we are going to look at what are the differences between the various rigs, how they affect their uses and what are their strong points. To save you from reading a long posts, I have spread this part in three articles. Meet the Rapid Fire The main strength of the Rapid Fire is ... Read More »



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