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Shooting Car in Motion – Car photography

How to Shoot a Car in motion In “Shoot a Car Like a Pro – Car Photography” article, we talked about taking pictures of cars that are parked but cars do move ;), some of them really fast, so everybody loves to see them in action. In order to capture and evoke movement you need to approach it in a ... Read More »

Introducing RigsEnvy.com!

After a small delay, here comes my first release for 2011: RigsEnvy! What is it? RigsEnvy is like Flickr but it replaces dogs and flowers pictures with HDSLR rigs. I wanted to create a microsite for HDSLR users to showcase and talk about their rigs. The site is still in beta, but I invite you to check it out now ... Read More »

Just announced: EVF from Red Rock Micro

Red Rock Micro just announced an electronic view finder. And no, I am not going to bitch about it because I think it is a product with great potential. Of course it is still vaporware until it is released, just like the micro remote (and all the product prototypes in my garage), but the concept and spec sheet look promising. ... Read More »

RRM follow up

Just a quick follow up on my post about the new Red Rock Micro Nano Rigs announcement. I receive an email from Brian, and he is not too happy about my comments on the announcement. Well, I would not be either if I was in the RRM gang. I wont go into the details of the email exchange (dont worry, ... Read More »

Crappy new rigs from Red Rock Micro

I just saw on Planet5D a Red Rock Micro product announcement: the Nano rigs. Basically, these are small HDSLR rigs similar to the Zacuto Striker line but cheaper. —Disclaimer— I haven’t tested these rigs yet. Actually, knowning RRM order policy, it could take months before I do. They build everything in JIT mode (just in time) which basically means that ... Read More »

Mega HDSLR rig review on C5D

The guys at Cinema5D have had some fun recently. They received a bunch of rigs from various suppliers and tested them from a HDSLR user perspective. We have done this in the past, but their work is at a total different level of scale! 62 pages of review! It is actually because of them that some of the reviews I ... Read More »

HDSLR conference tomorrow

I have spent the last few days working on the content for my presentation at the HDSLR conference at the Montreal Final Cut Pro user group. We have a lot of great sponsors who sent us gear to test and I would like to thank them: Lozeau (camera store in Montreal who loan us a lot of stuff), Zacuto (for ... Read More »



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