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Don’t switch to Adobe CS just yet!

With the FCPX debacle, a lot of people jumped ship prematurely based on their emotions instead of sound reasoning. And, as most decision based on emotions, it is a bad choice, here is why: First, the old and trusty FCP7 is still as good as it was two weeks ago. So, if FCP7 was good for you, it is still ... Read More »

The Rebel 550 4K Hack…

In case you did not know, there is a guy pretending that he hacked the Rebel 550 to record 4K clips. More info on Planet5D here. When I initially saw the teaser video, I discarded it has some hoax and did not act on it, given my very bad track record with rumors. Then got this tweet: Then another one ... Read More »

New product from Apple at NAB?

Ok, I know my track record with rumors is not that great, but… Last week, I attended  a talk about Color at the Montreal Final Cut usergroup and, at the end, a rep from a third party reseller told us that he had been ask by Apple to schedule meetings after the NAB with his clients who have attended the ... Read More »

RAW video for Canon 5DMrk II and 7D? (Rumor) – Follow up

It seems like I forgot the most obvious output when I did my analysis of this rumor… The USB plug! I cant believe I forgot it! It has enough bandwidth to carry a RAW signal to the hypothetical module. It would basically be the same thing as when shooting in tethering mode, except for video. Suddenly, such a product looks ... Read More »

RAW video for Canon 5DMrk II and 7D? (Rumor)

Robert saw this on Canon Rumors coming from the Red User forum: “A little birdy just whispered something pretty remarkable into my ear. I cannot verify this AT ALL but rumor has it that Canon may be prepping to unveil a RAW or sRAW recording module for the 5D2, 7D, etc, which would record possibly via the CF card slot. ... Read More »

New DFocus Follow Focus

In case you were thinking about buying a DFocus follow focus for your 5DMrkII, you might want to wait a few more days. I am not saying this because of any quality issue with the product (you all know that I love it) but because of a teaser picture Dave posted on Twitter. This new product is called the DFocus ... Read More »

H.264 realtime editing in FCP? (rumor)

Folks. I think I have been sitting on this news long enough. As you all know, one of the most frustration thing about video editing in HD is that you can never work directly with the original clips without some serious performance hit and frame skipping. The solution to this issue, so far, has been to either use proxies or ... Read More »

A firmware update will come, or not…

Lots of speculations about the elusive firmware update these days. My conviction is that Canon already has the firmware or is working on it as we speak. Why? Just imagine how stupid Canon would look if a lower end Nikon camera can do something that their camera can’t. So far, Canon has been able to keep the 5DMrkII above the ... Read More »



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