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DIY sensor cleaning tutorial

Note: this article is a translation from French of the excellent article written by Stéphane on his Folo blog. There are already a few articles on this topic on the net but Stéphane post is well illustrated and simple. Of course, cleaning your camera sensor can be a dangerous operation and I cant be responsible of the result. Do it at ... Read More »

5DMrkII vs D3 exposure differences?

Edit: I was stupid! Explanation here. Last week I went shooting with my friend Christopher who is a D3 owner. It was more of a scouting trip, to find nice locations in downtown Montreal ,for future shoot than anything else. To make a long story short, we ended up doing some tests/comparison between our two cameras. Frustratingly enough, Chris managed ... Read More »

Hot Pixels in video mode!!!

The issue At first, I thought it was dust. Dust on the sensor or on the lens. Then, after watching every single video I shot since I got the camera, I saw something worst than the black dot problem: hot pixels! And to make things worst, there are 2 of them! I did not notice them at first because most ... Read More »

Is 21 megapixels enough?

After reading the article How many megapixels are enough at the digital photography school and reading the comments, I felt compelled to make a post about it. After all, as the owner of both a 5DMrkII and this website, I have to have an opinion on the subject! Why megapixels are important? When you talk about megapixel count, most people think ... Read More »



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