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Dan Mast Free Running video & interview (shot on 7D)

I dont post clips (from others) often (maybe I should?), but I think this one deserve some visibility for many reasons. First because free running (aka parkour) is cool, second, because it was shot with an HDSLR (Canon 7D) and, finally, because it was made by a visitor of the blog (who turned into a friend) who could use some ... Read More »

Details from the Afghanistan war coverage with the 5DmkII

First, if you have not seen this clip yet, watch it. It is interested in both its form and its content. Battle for Hearts and Minds Trailer from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo. Next, go read Danfung Dennis explanations of how it was shot and the gear he used. I like his Glidecam setup, looking at the picture you can see ... Read More »

Arctic Surf Movie shot with a Canon 5DMrkII

A dew days ago, I was contacted by Yassine Ouhilal, a renowned surf photographer  who created a movie about people who were crazy enough to surf in the Arctic! First, take a moment to watch the clip. This is a preview of a yet to be shot full featured film on the subject. Shooting in such harsh conditions is a ... Read More »

M+C final version

It seems like my partner does not need as much sleep as I do. Here is the final cut of the love story we had with Meggie and Corneliu. It was a pleasure to work with Robert and we are already planning future projects together, so stay tuned! If you like the clip, please click the heart button to show ... Read More »

What I did yesterday…

Yesterday I was out with my friend Robert Cato shooting the remaining clips for a love story we started the previous Monday. Here is the trailer, using only Roberts clips from the Monday shoot. We did not have a laptop to copy my files over. Add my missing shots from last Monday and the ones we got yesterday and you  ... Read More »

Mission impossible: Canon 5DMrkII to the rescue!

You mission, if you accept it, is to make a video clip of an artist friend that could be sent to a major television channel so they could do a segment about his album release. Oh by the way, it must be done (as in put on DVD) tonight! That was the challenge my friend Jon Davis proposed me last ... Read More »

My new 5DMrkII favorite clip

While browsing the clips on dslrflix I found this story of a kid who wants to box. The story is compelling and there are some very well edited sequences (when it switches the view from the father to the kid when talking about is health issues). Take a 3 minutes pause and check it out. It is worth it!   5DMKII ... Read More »



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