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Slider review: The Cinemover

As long time readers will know, I have been trying to build a slider rig for a while with varying level of success. This is in this context that I was approached by Move Your Camera to do a review of their product. Priced under 90$, it really looked like a deal. Lets see how well it performs. Setup As ... Read More »

Building a DIY slider: advices

Slider wheels

Last week, I decided it was time for me to get back into my workshop and (finally) build a slider using my RigWheels. Right off the bat, I knew this was a prototype; the goal was to figure out the various pitfall of such a project so my next one would be perfect since I would have learned from my ... Read More »

Can you really get the RigWheel cheaper over the net?

I just received this email from Lance (RigWheel owner) in reply to J.R. Tabotier about places to get cheaper wheels for your rig. I think it is worth sharing this with your guys because too often people diminish the amount of work, testing & research that goes into developing rig part. I know because I have been there. This is ... Read More »

RigWheels – the missing part for your DIY Slider project

I just received this video from Lance, one of our reader. Aren’t these cools? And you want to know the best part? They are actually quite affordable! At 115$ for a set for 4 wheels, they are within the budget of pretty much all videographers. Here is a sample footage clip. Slider based on wheels are better than those on ... Read More »

IndiSLIDER Mini Review

This is a post from our contributor Jeremy. Regarding my slider, well.. I am still working on it. Getting my electronic slider working has to be my longest project ever! Stay tuned! I have recently purchased an IndiSYSTEM – IndiSLIDER Mini and as much as I want to say I am in seventh heaven with the thing, it has its ... Read More »

DIY slider: Igus is looking at the market more seriously

About a year go, I made my initial post about the DIY Igus slider. Back then, sliders were a bit of a novelty for HDSLR users and the DIY way was the only affordable solution. Since then, manufacturers have reacted and are offering commercial alternatives at various price points. Still, I think the DIY slider made out of Igus part ... Read More »

DIY Igus slider part II: add a robot

This project might not be for everyone but if you are like me and have trouble keeping the sliding motion at a constant speed, here is a solution: automate it! Martin Koch had the same issue has me and solved it the geek way: by using an Arduino and a stepping motor.The detailed explanation can be found on his blog. ... Read More »

DIY Igus Slider


This has to be the piece of gear that I talked the most about without ever showing it up. Until now! What is a slider? Of all the gear you can add to your video tool box, a slider is probably the one that will add the most production value to your clips. Notice how the camera rarely stands still ... Read More »



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