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iMovie 11 review

iMovie is one of these apps may proish shooter dont want to touch, yet could benefit a lot from. I know because I used to be in this category. iMovie felt too amateurish compared to FCP for me to even dare to use it. At each iLife release, I would give it a shot but never managed to complete a ... Read More »

40% rebate on Capture One 5 Pro

To most photographers, there are only two ‘serious’ apps to manage and process RAW pictures: Apple Aperture and Adobe LightRoom. Let me present you a third option: Capture One. While not as popular as the two others, yet it is the one used by most high-end commercial/fashion/portrait photographers. Why? It has incredible color management tools. It is truly leagues ahead ... Read More »

Lightroom 3 Review: part 2

This part 2 of Jon Lightroom 3 review. You can see the introduction in is first post. Import Dialog One of the first things you’ll notice about LR3 is the new import Dialog, which is largely different than previous versions. The simple dialog box of old is gone and replaced with a full screen window complete with a large preview ... Read More »

Aperture 3 Review

So, I have been playing with Aperture 3 for over two weeks now. I haven’t explored fully its 200 ‘new’ features yet, but I have played enough to make up my mind about it. I am not going to go over every new features since a lot of people have already done it. Instead, I am going to talk about ... Read More »

Aperture 3

Finally out! It was about time. I will not list all the new features (over 200), if that is the kind of stuff you like reading about, head over the official Apple page. Instead, I will list the features that mean the most for us. First, facial recognition. I already talked about it in my Aperture 3 prediction about 8 ... Read More »

EOS E1 plugin for FCP: why?

A lot of people talked about the announcement of the EOS E1 plugin for FCP yesterday so I feel like I have to talk about it too. As far as we know, it is all vaporware so far since the software is not released yet. Old time blog readers might remember this post from Vincent Laforest testing a similar tool ... Read More »

Aperture 3 features Wish List

Now that Final Cut Studio 3 is out, lets talk (and guess) about what we will find in the upcoming Aperture update. I have been an Aperture user since day 1. In version 1, is was revolutionary but slow. V1.5 brought a nice speed boost and V2 introduced a few new tools and the plugin architecture. So what should we ... Read More »



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