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Time-lapse Photography: A Complete Introduction – eBook

Time Lapse

All about Time Lapse in One Place With all the great forums and sites available on the internet, there is enough material for one to gather and write a book. Ryan did that, and so much more. I tried following tutorials, checking sites and forums and experimenting on my first Time Lapse, reading all over the internet on how to ... Read More »

Genie – Motion Control Time Lapse Device

The Genie

Do you know what is time lapse ? I’m sure you heard about it, but if not, I suggest that at this moment you surf internet, google it or read on wiki about it here. We will cover this area on Canon5Dtips soon, but till then just check it out on internet.   The Genie, transforming time-lapse photography Have you ... Read More »

Very cool timelapse from NY

I love timelapse and when they are coupled with good cinematography, they are even better. Here is a great one from New York I just stumbled upon (as in I click on every single Vimeo clip I see with nice poster frame). I was really intrigued by the smooth transition between day and night. Looking at the comments on the ... Read More »



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