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Talk with customers – don’t be a bad photographer

Do you take pictures of people? Are they really happy with your work and performance? There are too many bad pro photographers out there. How do I know? Simple: I talk to customers who had bad experiences and didn’t like what they had to pay for. This may come a bit strange but expensive equipment and presentation, unfortunately, do not ... Read More »

Music video shooting tips


I have been working real hard for the past few weeks on a music video we shot for one of my friend. I shot a few clips for him in the past (the single camera on tripod kind of thing) but this time, he wanted something more. Since I am always up for a new challenge and I was totally ... Read More »

Picture Style explained

I have talked about using picture style in the past but I think this video explains the whole thing much better than I ever could. If you visit the Vimeo page, you will see a list of presets to download for both 5D and 7D. The title of the clip is a bit misleading: the camera still has the same ... Read More »

Meggie + Corneliu: how we did it

A few people asked me to give more details about how we shot the love story clip (posted here). Instead of writing a structured post, I am just going to go with the flow and write everything that comes to my mind. The clip was shot on two days. Originally, it was all planed to be done in a single ... Read More »

What is the best shutter speed for movie mode?


I have seen this question a few times in various forums so I thought it would be another good fit for the “The Basics” section. Since people rarely explain what they would consider “best”, I assume they are talking about the best shutter speed to achieve a filmic look. This brings us to the question “what makes a film look ... Read More »

Tips: buy camera gear with your credit card

This one might be obvious to many but it just saved me about 100$ so I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience. Two weeks ago, my 50mm f1.4 broke, the camera LCD displayed the dreaded ERR 1 message. I bought the lens about 15 months ago so it was out of Canon warranty (12 months). ... Read More »

Urban Exploration guide for Photographers

This post is not specifically related the the Canon 5dMRkII. I wrote it as a complement to a blog post on the DPS about urban exploration. This is a collection of all the tips/tricks I have learned during my various explorations. I tried to regroup the ideas by subject as much as I could. Hope you enjoy this. And yes, ... Read More »



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