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How to Eliminate Shadows from your Daytime Portraits

Using pop-up flash in the daytime.

When you take portraits on a bright and sunny day, you may notice that at times harsh shadows are cast on persons’ faces causing at times severe underexposure. Yet at the same time the background is well exposed. What is happening is that your camera has automatically adjusted its exposure settings for the background and not the foreground of which ... Read More »

Introducting HDSLR101: your Q&A regarding HDSLRs!

Earlier this week, I released my latest website: HDSLR101.com. This is a very simple site: each post starts with a question and finishes with an answer. Questions touch both video and stills and the goal is to cover all the most popular ones in the next few months. We are currently publishing one question per day, so you can either ... Read More »

Book review: DSLR Cinema

I have been reading the DSLR Cinema book for about a week now and I think it is now time to write something about it. The short version For those who do not want to read the whole review: this is the best book/training material about HDSLR video I have seen so far. Get it! The long version What I ... Read More »

From Still to Motion: book review

Things are moving fast here: I talked about the book two weeks ago, received my copy last week and just finished my first reading. Verdict: I am loving it! To put it simply: it covers almost everything! From shoot preparation, gear selection, editing, etc.. It gives a solid foundation to any photographers who wants to move to video. It is ... Read More »

5D FilmSchool training DVD review

I just completed the 101 and 102 classes of the 5DFilmSchool training and would like to share my thoughts with you about it (as some others have already done). I have been watching training videos for a while. Like I said in a previous post, I am a big fan of Lynda.com and spent countless hours in front of my ... Read More »

Meggie + Corneliu: how we did it

A few people asked me to give more details about how we shot the love story clip (posted here). Instead of writing a structured post, I am just going to go with the flow and write everything that comes to my mind. The clip was shot on two days. Originally, it was all planed to be done in a single ... Read More »

What is the best shutter speed for movie mode?


I have seen this question a few times in various forums so I thought it would be another good fit for the “The Basics” section. Since people rarely explain what they would consider “best”, I assume they are talking about the best shutter speed to achieve a filmic look. This brings us to the question “what makes a film look ... Read More »



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