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Introducing: Find a Shooter.com

Have you ever been in one of these situations: You need an assistant for a shoot but can’t find one? Your backup shooter just called to say that he wont be able to make it because he drank too much the day before? You won a bid for a project that is just too big for you and need help? ... Read More »

Introducting HDSLR101: your Q&A regarding HDSLRs!

Earlier this week, I released my latest website: HDSLR101.com. This is a very simple site: each post starts with a question and finishes with an answer. Questions touch both video and stills and the goal is to cover all the most popular ones in the next few months. We are currently publishing one question per day, so you can either ... Read More »

Revisiting 500px

I presented 500px a while ago and I think it is time to talk about the boys again. First because anybody who quotes me as a photography reference deserves some free advertisement (in the upgrade section)! Second, because they really improved the site in the last two months! There are lot of small refinements, such as the ability to embed ... Read More »

What? Ads on Canon5DTips?

As you may have noticed, I am now looking for sponsors. While one spot is expected to be filled very soon, the other is up for grab! If you know a manufacturer or software developer who could be interested, please point them here. Thanks to this change in philosophy, very soon you should see pop-ups and blinking images all over ... Read More »

Canon7dTips.com is live

Tired of reading 7D news on a site that is supposed to be dedicated to the 5D Mark II? We heard you. We will now post all 7D related content to Canon7dTips.com. We have not decided yet how we will manage content that is relevant to both 5D and 7D owners. So, until we figure it out, we will keep ... Read More »

News and other site related stuff

Hi guys, it seems like everything I touch these days is bound to brake. First my 50mm1.4 broke, then I had the flipping shutter issue with my 5D MrkII and a few minutes ago the site was down because of a technical problem on the server. Lets just say that I should not be in the mood to start new ... Read More »

Business card for photographer & videographer

My university background is in business. I have a Bachelor and Master degree in these fields. I know all about the importance of networking, how to present a product, etc… Yet, up until recently, I never had a business card to promote my photography business. I had my reasons: no defined photographic style, no time (ya right!), procrastination, did not ... Read More »



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