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First wedding of the season

Last weekend, I shot my first wedding of the season with my friend Robert Cato (see below). This gig had me play with a few new pieces of gear, like using a monopod instead of a shoulder rig (more on this in the next post) but what I wanted to talk about is the newest genius idea Robert had: hiring ... Read More »

Book Review: Wedding Videography Start to Finish

Since I have not posted a book review recently and spring is coming, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about one that covers a very specialized topic: Wedding Videography. Content The book covers the domain wide and large. Starting from answering the simple question ‘What does a wedding videographer do?‘ to giving advices on video editing ... Read More »

I had to use a D3 yesterday…

Worked on a wedding yesterday. When it was time to do the ring shots, the DJ was blasting his tunes and there was too much vibrations for a sharp shot, even with a tripod. Solution? Weight it down! The D3 is so heavy that it managed to cancel most of the vibration and we got our shot. So, yes, I ... Read More »



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