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New Z-Finder models from Zacuto

While there are a lot of shoulder mounts and follow focus available on the market, the options regarding viewfinders are quite limited. Everyone I know love their Z-finder and those who dont have one wished they did and complain about the price. Well, the Z-man listened and thanks to pressure from competitors (LCDVF anyone?), they just came out with new ... Read More »

HDSLR conference tomorrow

I have spent the last few days working on the content for my presentation at the HDSLR conference at the Montreal Final Cut Pro user group. We have a lot of great sponsors who sent us gear to test and I would like to thank them: Lozeau (camera store in Montreal who loan us a lot of stuff), Zacuto (for ... Read More »

Zacuto Gorilla DSLR kits reviews (part 2.3: Tactical Shooter)

Welcome to the last section of the part 2 of the Gorilla rigs review. Due to technical issues with one of my 5DMrkII, this review will not contain the video I had planned to shoot for it (sorry!). Meet the Tactical Shooter The Tactical shooter is the big daddy of the Gorilla set. With it, you can create a Quick ... Read More »

Z-Finder Review

As people are receiving their Z-Finder, reviews are popping everywhere on the net. The first one coming (that I am aware of) from M. Bloom and now there is one more from Mitch. As you could have guessed if you have been following my Gorilla rigs review, I am going to review it too. Actually, if it was not of ... Read More »

Zacuto Gorilla DSLR kits reviews (part 2.1: Rapid Fire)

In this second part of the review, we are going to look at what are the differences between the various rigs, how they affect their uses and what are their strong points. To save you from reading a long posts, I have spread this part in three articles. Meet the Rapid Fire The main strength of the Rapid Fire is ... Read More »

Zacuto Gorilla DSLR kits reviews (part1)

Now that I have a tactical shooter, I can finally do a full review of the three Gorilla gunstock models offered by Zacuto: The Rapid Fire, The Quickdraw and The Tactical shooter (which is a combo of the two). Hopefully, by the end of the review you will be able to figure out if you want a Gorilla rig and ... Read More »

Zacuto releases a super portable rig

Zacuto announced a very minimal rig system today: the DSLR Gorilla kits. The idea is simple: staying as light and compact as possible. This is, of course, in direct reaction to the line of light weight rig from Red Rock Micro. Who said that competition is not good? Personally, I think removing the follow focus is a good idea. I ... Read More »



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